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Welcome to Our Vidial Rehabilitation Center!

In modern world, our society and environment have changed drastically. In Indian population, 5- 15 % of women have the problems of Infertility or incapacity to conceive, and 10 – 40 % of women are more abortion proned at least one time which will affect the next child or issues either physically or mentally.

This will increase the birth of child with Mental Retardation, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disability, and Cerebral palsy etc., According to Child Census Rate, 30 – 40 % are disabled children and Mortality rate is 5- 15 % from birth to below 10 years of life. Rests (15 – 35 %) of children are not taking proper therapy and treatment. Of the 15 – 35% of children, 5 -15 % of children are born in economically lower class families, 10 – 15% are middle classes and 5 – 10% are from higher society.

Unavailability of proper advanced Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in India for disabled children and proper awareness, advices and treatment for Women led us to develop a Vidial Rehabilitation Center at Chidambaram with advanced treatment facilities. Once we start focusing this kind of special advices and treatment for women we can control the birth rate of disabled children.

In and around Chidambaram with radius of 100 km, children affected mentally or physically are many. Our Vidial Rehabilitation Center has established for rendering services and providing advanced Multi Level Therapy (Occupational therapy, Behaviour modification, Physio therapy, Speech Communication Methods [speech therapy], Special Education with One to One teaching method and Play for Cognitive skills) and treatment for them. Further, we are providing therapy & treatment for Paralysis (paraplegia, Hemiplegia, stroke and Facial Palsy) and Ortho problems like Osteo Arthritis of Shoulder, Knee, Cervical spondilitis, Low Back Pain, Plantar fascitis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc., for adults. We learnt that there is an increasing trend in the need for this kind of rehabilitation centers for international level. We have been planning our Vidial Rehabilitation Center for helping all type of Indians irrespective of their economic status, religion, caste or creed and also the foreigners who come to India through medical tourism.

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